Motivation Tuesday and the struggle after Graduation


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After long years of studying, i have finally come to the phase of my life where real life begins. Ever since i was younger i dreamed to study Architecture and become a successful architect someday but life brought me into the world of teaching and it was funny how i got here. I do believe that our life depends on the choices we make but i also believe in the plan of God. Since when i was a kid, never in my wildest dream that i saw myself teaching children in the school but when i  entered college it crossed to me that teaching was a good profession even though i think it wasn’t my passion.

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On the time of my college, i experience confusions, downfall and doubts on my ability to become an effective teacher because i didn’t feel like teaching but i remember the wish i requested to God when i was in High School, i prayed that i want to change some lives and inspire people and maybe that is the reason why i’m in the field of teaching. But here’s the thing, I know there are  parts of me, a tiny little voice that still contradicting to what i accomplished now and that  i felt like i wanted to be away, create things and meet different people as i explore the world. I just graduated last April 5, 2018 with the degree; Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English and until now i do not know what I’m going to do with my life career. To be honest, I did like teaching diverse learners and all but i do not feel like it yet. (I’m planning to write my teaching experience soon)

Now that i graduated, there are no allowances and lazy times. (Sad though, I’m gonna miss it! haha) It is now the time to figure things out and career that will made your life memorable and I’m in the process of it. I don’t know where the universe will take me but I’m giving my whole to God and let his plan happen. I hope i would find my own track soon 🙂

So today I’m gonna share some motivational quotes which help me to keep going and i hope you’d feel motivated by these too!




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