Motivation Tuesday and the struggle after Graduation


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After long years of studying, i have finally come to the phase of my life where real life begins. Ever since i was younger i dreamed to study Architecture and become a successful architect someday but life brought me into the world of teaching and it was funny how i got here. I do believe that our life depends on the choices we make but i also believe in the plan of God. Since when i was a kid, never in my wildest dream that i saw myself teaching children in the school but when i  entered college it crossed to me that teaching was a good profession even though i think it wasn’t my passion.

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On the time of my college, i experience confusions, downfall and doubts on my ability to become an effective teacher because i didn’t feel like teaching but i remember the wish i requested to God when i was in High School, i prayed that i want to change some lives and inspire people and maybe that is the reason why i’m in the field of teaching. But here’s the thing, I know there are  parts of me, a tiny little voice that still contradicting to what i accomplished now and that  i felt like i wanted to be away, create things and meet different people as i explore the world. I just graduated last April 5, 2018 with the degree; Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English and until now i do not know what I’m going to do with my life career. To be honest, I did like teaching diverse learners and all but i do not feel like it yet. (I’m planning to write my teaching experience soon)

Now that i graduated, there are no allowances and lazy times. (Sad though, I’m gonna miss it! haha) It is now the time to figure things out and career that will made your life memorable and I’m in the process of it. I don’t know where the universe will take me but I’m giving my whole to God and let his plan happen. I hope i would find my own track soon 🙂

So today I’m gonna share some motivational quotes which help me to keep going and i hope you’d feel motivated by these too!




Summer Trip Destination! (Bicol-Philippines)

Since it is already summer in the Philippines. I have listed down some alluring places in Bicol which you might wanna check out this summer! Actually, I have thought of listing summer travel destinations around the Philippines but i changed my mind and came up with summer trip destination in BICOL instead, because i wanna showcase what Bicol has to offer (proud bicolana here.) and also, these places are my adventure goals as well but i do not have the money yet that can take me to my happiness, So I will just use my imaginations for a while as i share all of these to you. 😀

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the following pictures below.

Okay, lets take a peek!


    Parola Island is located at Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte which is known for its pinkish sand which was produced when a red coral dries as it washes up on the shore. This island will surely filled you with awe for its natural beauty. For more information on this Island, you might wanna check this link: tripzilla.\ph

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    Calaguas is a group of island in Pacific under the jurisdiction of the town Vinzons, Camarines Norte. It is known as the “Boracay of Camarines Norte” for its fine white sand, crystal clear water and majestic panoramic view. If you are interested of going to this island, click this link; for more information.

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    3. CARAMOAN 

    Caramoan Island is located at the lower eastern part of Camarines Sur. It has a 4,000- hectare limestone forest, white sand beaches, tranquil lakes, deep caves, and coves. I’m pretty sure this island will be one of your unforgettable trip this summer! and since i haven’t been here (but i’m planning to go someday) i have searched for sites that would give you enough information about this, you might wanna check this page;

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    Caringo Island is part of the 7 island in Mercedes, it is located at the town of Mercedes, Camarines Norte. The highlight of this island is that you’ll be able to see a perfect  sunset that  will blown you away. To give you a precise information about the Mercedes Group of Island, click this link:



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    Vera Falls is known for its astonishing cascade over the sedimentary rocks located at the foot of Mt. Malinao, Albay. By the looks of it, i think this place will give you memorable adventure this summer vacation! I have checked other blog post about it that will give you enough information, just click this link and there you go;


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So there you go! I hope you enjoyed peeking at these places as i enjoy posting it. I know Bicol and other Regions in the Philippines have a lot of stunning places to offer ( i wish i could travel to) but those places i mentioned above are just a sweet pre-taste of Bicol.

I actually landed on some pages on Facebook which will give you more adventure travel destinations, you might wanna check these pages: traveleinLittlefeet, and for trip packages and tours check this out:

Thank you for reading this post and Have a blessed Summer vacation trip!

- Kristelle


What do you think? Let me know your thoughts about this post and leave a comment! 🙂


My top 7 Books worth to re-read!

So basically this is my first entry on my blog and i am a little bit anxious and i don’t know why i’m freakin’ feeling this whenever i write but here it goes;

like i said on my “About” page, i am fond of reading books and there were times that i’d become addicted to it to the point of depriving myself to sleep haha 😀 seriously, whenever i start reading some really good novels i can’t stop myself from shutting the real world for a while and be in it!, was it weird?  I really felt like i could travel through books though.

I know there are tons of books out there that is really worth reading but here’s the 7 of my favorite books that i always love love to read and here it goes;

  1. SLAMMED SERIES by Coleen Hoover 


This series was incredibly great! with the poetry, plot, characters  and all. I swear, you’ll not regret reading these, aside from its good plot, this series was very light and fun to read. The plot was made perfectly and amazingly intriguing as the two young lovers; Layken and Will fought against all odds on their relationship. This series has made me cry and laugh lots of time and also, inspires me to be positive in life.  I’m pretty sure this will surely suffice the boredom out of you.

2. TELL ME THREE THINGS by Julie Buxbaum

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looking for very light yet intriguing novel this summer? well, this novel fits for it! This novel was different from others because the main characters are hidden under the world of texting and mails. This novel made me read it all over again because of its uniqueness and cuteness plot.  😀

3. NOVEMBER 9 By Colleen Hoover

november 9

The title of this book was the first thing that captures my attention like, “whats’ with the date November 9?”  Well, i’m not gonna spoil it you 😀 not now, i’ll have another section for that but for now, i’m going to give reasons why i love this book.

The first thing was its Title because it was kind of different for me. Second, was its intriguing plot that will made you curious as to what will happen next and the last thing was the perceptions of the characters about love when you turned the age of 23. 🙂

4. MAYBE SOMEDAY by Colleen Hoover

maybe someday

Ahhh I really love this book! i like how all the characters portray their roles and also how the plot was amazingly twisted. I love the connection of music on this novel  and on how the lyrics sings for the true feelings of the main character but I hate the fact that Ridge was deaf and yet incredibly attractive though and i am crushing him when he’s just a fiction character! haha. But on serious note, this book has a lot of realizations about love that will enlighten you on certain things. 🙂

5. FLIPPED By Wendelin Van Draanen


I like the irony of this book 🙂 i like how the main characters ; Juli and Bryce go with their story as they realize things about each other. This book was probably one of my top list for cute plots. 😀


To all the boys i love before

I still remember the first thing I’ve seen this book, i was on the coffee shop where you can read books and as i took my seat, i saw this book on the table and yeaahh it was love at first sight 😀 i was intrigue by the title and cover of it. I read it and all i can say was it was really a nice story with how Lara Jean find love and solve her dilemma.

7. I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER By: Sophie Kinsella 

ive got your number

This was the first novel that made me love reading 🙂 I’ve been into reading even before i laid my eyes on this book but there was something in this book that made me laugh every time i read it. I guess its twisted plot and witty characters made me love this book. 🙂

So those are the seven books that i considered worth reading. Anyway,  I’m looking forward to write a review of those and all the books that I’ve read.  As you have noticed, those are just fun and light novels which i think you will like this summer. Those book i mentioned above will made you smile and inspired at the same time.  Happy reading! 🙂


- Kristelle